The development will principally consist of: the demolition of two existing industrial warehouses (1,236 sq m), brick ruins (99 sq m), the remnants of a brick structure at the north eastern corner of the subject site and along the northern boundary and the walls at ground floor level onto Newmarket and Ardee Street; and the construction of a part-two to part-eight storey mixed-use development in three blocks (12,248 sq m), comprising a co-working shared space with associated café (325 sq m); and 368 No. student accommodation bedspaces with associated facilities, which will be utilised for short-terms lets during student holiday periods.

The Newmarket/Ardee Street block (Block A) proposes a part-two to part-six storey building comprising ancillary student accommodation space including tv lounge, cinema room, games space, events space, gym and common room, elements of which is contained within a double-height partially glazed amenity space over the existing underground vaults, with parts of the vaults incorporated into the amenity space; ancillary management spaces; and a bin and bicycle store all at ground floor level, with 146 No. bedspaces provided on the upper floors in one single studio unit and 27 No. cluster units comprising a mix of 4, 5 and 6 No. bedroom clusters.

The Brabazon Row block (Block B) comprises a part-six to part-eight storey building providing community and study space; ancillary accommodation including plant rooms, sub-station, switch-room and generator all at ground floor level with 120 No. bedspaces on the upper floors provided in 2 No. twin studio units and 17 No. cluster units comprising a mix of 6 and 8 No. bedroom clusters.

The St. Luke’s Avenue block (Block C) proposes a part-six to part-eight storey building providing a co-working space at ground floor level with 102 No. bedspaces at the upper levels comprising a mix of 6 No. and 8 No. bedroom clusters.

The development also proposes the conservation of and works to the existing brick tower located towards the north-western corner of the site including the reinstatement of existing blocked up opes and the utilisation of the ground level for communal amenity space; the removal of a portion of the vaults at the northern end and the lowering of the floor level to facilitate their opening up to provide communal amenity space; maintenance works to the Protected Structure (415 sq m) at the corner of Newmarket and Brabazon Row/Brabazon Place including the restoration of windows at ground floor level and the cleaning of the stone façade; the retention of the façade of the building fronting Newmarket (No. 29 Newmarket) directly adjoining and to the west of the Protected Structure; signage; cycle parking; a service lay-by; hard and soft landscaping and external amenity spaces including courtyards and a roof garden at fifth floor level of Block A facing north, south, east and west; balconies on Block B facing west and Block C facing south; plant; and all associated works above and below ground.